A heartfelt tribute to the great David Bowie

Dear Bowie friends,

When I was a kid I fell in love with a wonderful but now very underrated Bowie’s song, Time Will Crawl  :even though it belongs to his 1987 album Never Let Me Down which is definitely not considered as one of his best albums, this song is in fact a masterpiece, and it's still amazing to me today.

Time Will Crawl   is beautifully melancholic, and has some of the most poetic lyrics he ever wrote, dealing with the tragic nonsense of our society and the pain implied in its activities, inspired by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which, as a dark coincidence, marks exactly 30 years in 2016, when Bowie passed away.
Time Will Crawl   means that the pain and horror we are able to generate are here to stay and last, and affect us through time itself, until it will not flow normally according to nature and destiny anymore, but it will crawl under the weight of the pointless and lighthearted cruelty of our society.

Right after his sudden death I thought, as a musician, to pay him my heartfelt tribute by arranging a special version of this forgotten jewel as a celebration of my first encounter with his amazing art.

You can also download it here for free.

I hope you enjoy it and celebrate the wonders of Bowie's timeless art.