Vocals by Per Øyvind Stene, lyrics by Elisabeth Endresen


I felt my heart today
Although how brief a stay
Back down the structure fell
Awakened by the bell
Oh – what a beautiful…

I touched a light back then
Can’t tell you why or when
Right off the wall I go
Slide through the horror show
Oh – what a beautiful…Dance

Don’t like the way I feel
Black sugar knows no spare
Don’t stick it to me
Waste for the wasted

Just as tomorrow kicks me
A mouthful – enough to sick me
Don’t stick it to me
Waste for the wasted

No change for your penny
I keep the devil in my shoe

Knocking down your door
Turn off the light don’t care no more
Can’t you say you love me
Call me name out just once more
In vain I tend to rise just to make you suffer even more
Black coated sugar
Black coated sugar
Don’t taste so good
Leaves your mouth sore
Open up the door

My soul
Let me
Disguised my...
Salt touch hurts help
Water calm my soul
Don’t let me go
Dance disguised
My heart
Taking hold of me
Salt touch hurts help
water calm my soul
it's my hearts dance
my heart take hold of me
Salt touch help
water calm my soul
It's my hearts dance
Calm my soul