1. Bolt Spider


I hear you crawling out of your evil form
I see you always act like all you fear is to know
I feel you're lonely out of the cave where you've grown

I bet you feel like special and “I-so-what”
The shallow lies you fill are just not right and not wrong
you stare at me like a dog to which a cards trick's been shown

you always tell your aseptic golden words
you understand you're out of the field where all the meanings desperate need some help to be

I long to be the last and the oddest dork
that stumbles in the footsteps of all the idiosyncrasies that leave you here to bear
what you can't see

you're going nowhere
and all this tense you have to be, and see
you're going nowhere
you unpredicted chance to be, and see

Living like a worm
this otherwise unreal forgetting storm

Your will is like a loan
to ultimately bear a heavy stone

Can you feel the time that slips away?
Can you see the life that drifts away?

Leaving my lies away
and constantly replacing the same fears
let all your lies away
and come to see the brave and sane field?